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Barlovska Craft Liqueurs are a celebration of time-honoured European tradition

blended with fresh Kiwi ingenuity.

We recreate our grandparents' family bitters and tinctures recipes with a modern NZ twist. Pouring our heart and soul into each bottle, we remember with a smile, our grandmother and grandfather working in their cosy kitchen to create their homemade nectar. The delectable smells and vibrant sights of cooking fruit and spices are a way of life for those of us who grow up in a Polish household. 

In Polish custom, liqueurs should be drunk from little glasses and are often served to guests or after a meal, and at celebratory occasions. It should be sipped so that its delicate flavours can be appreciated, lingering on the tongue and then swirled around the mouth much as one would do with fine wine.

We honour these traditions while adding a local twist to our liqueurs. We source our luscious fruit from a family-run farm in Te Horo, on the beautiful Kapiti Coast - where the next generation of our family are proud to call home. Sun-kissed berries and juicy feijoas bring a distinctly Kiwi flavour that we feel lucky to experience, and delighted to share with you.

Packing this fruity punch, we love using our liqueurs in cocktails – both the classics and experimental creations!

There are many ways to serve our liqueurs, but our favourite way is always with friends and family. Enjoying beautifully crafted liqueurs with our loved ones are moments we cherish.

Na Zdrowie! (Nah zdrov-e-yay).


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